Student testimonials from 2017


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1st time PASS Donna, Nov. 2017

1st time PASS Ashley, Oct. 2017

James, Sept. 2017

ZERO faults 1st time PASSJosh, Aug. 2017

ZERO faults 1st time PASSTom, June 2017

1st time PASSVik, June 2017

1st time PASSAndy, May 2017

1st time PASSBen, April 2017

Katie, April 2017

1st time PASSAlex, Jan. 2017

Vik: "just to say a massive thanks for everything you have done for me, your help and support. I'm glad that you were strict at times to encourage me to do better. It was such a relief you sitting in the back of the car during the exam. I'll be a careful driver and us all the skills and knowledge you taught me. Thank you so much"