Student testimonials from 2014 & 2013


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1st time PASSDan, Nov. 2014

 1st time PASSCharlie, Nov. 2014

1st time PASSCaleb, Nov. 2014

Jamie, Nov. 2014

1st time PASSSophie, Oct. 2014

Dan: "Eddie relates a lot of the issues that driving causes to your interests and hobbies, which I found really helpful when tackling them."

Charlie: "I'm really grateful for Eddie's help with my driving test. He was always reliable and really patient. A pleasure to work with! Thank you"

Caleb: "Eddie's self assessment and practical style of teaching enabled me to focus on my weaknesses and become confident in tackling and improving my driving beyond the test."

Sophie: "Eddie is a truly fantastic instructor. He told me why I should be doing what I needed to do, rather than just telling me to do it. I now feel I am a safe and confident driver."

1st time PASS Charlotte, May 2014

1st time PASSCallum, April 2014

1st time PASS Ella, March 2014

1st time PASSImogen, Jan. 2014

1st time PASSJake, Jan. 2014

Charlotte: "Eddie is very supportive and reliable. He helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my test first time."

 Ella: "Eddie is an excellent instructor, matching your lessons to go at your speed and keeping a record of where you are, meaning you'll be tested when you're ready."

Angus, Dec. 2013

1st time PASSAdam, Dec. 2013

Andrew, Nov. 2013
Maria, Nov. 2013
1st time PASSNathan, Nov. 2013

Adam: "Eddie always made me feel comfortable whilst driving which helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my test. I am very grateful to him and would highly recommend him."

Maria: "Eddie is the best driving instructor you can wish for. Punctual, very supportive and flexible. He is good at explaining things and definitely caters for your individual needs and requirements."

Nathan: Eddie is always punctual, supportive and helped me gain the confidence I needed to PASS FIRST time.

1st time PASSHadleigh, Nov. 2013

1st time PASS Jack, Nov. 2013

Bethany, Oct. 2013

Alex, Sept. 2013

1st time PASSAdam, Sept. 2013

Hadleigh: "I'd had a bad experience with another instructor, so a friend recommended Eddie. He helped me to pass first time with his patient and friendly personality. I can't thank him enough. Would gladly recommend to everybody :-)"

Jack: "I passed with just one minor :-) had a great time and enjoyed my lessons, definitely recommend Eddie."

Alex: "Eddie is always reliable, patient and extremely helpful. He keeps a fantastic record of your progress and is always giving you positive advice on ways in which you can improve. Rescheduling lessons is always very easy and comfortable. Thank you Eddie!"

Adam: "Thank you for being an excellent instructor and I'll be pleased to recommend you."


Louise, Aug. 2013

Stephen, Aug. 2013

1st time PASSEllie, July 2013

1st time PASSAbigail, July 2013

Jack, June 2013

Stephen: "passing my test was the best thing ever, and no doubt about it, Eddie is a great instructor. He ensured I was ready to take test before I booked it, so I didn't waste money. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family."

Ellie: "Thank you. You've been such a great driving instructor and getting me through my test first time! I'll be recommending you to all my friends."

Abigail: "Thank you so much for teaching me! You are a great instructor and I've been recommending you to everyone."

Jack: "very happy about passing, thank you for teaching me :-)"

Adam, April 2013

Arthur, April 2013

 Arthur:   "I'm so glad to have my driving license which will add to my CV. It feels so good to have the freedom to drive when I want. Thank you Eddie for helping and being patient with all the lessons."

1st time PASSAslan, March 2013

Steven, March 2013