Student testimonials from 2016 & 2015


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  Lewis, October 2016
 Rogan, Oct. 2016

Lewis: "at first it was not easy and I found it hard to get to grips with driving. We worked with different techniques in order for me to progress, and as lessons went on I got better and stuck with it and the hard work paid off."

Rogan: "Eddie was always a punctual and positive instructor who was encouraging throughout learning"

Zac, August 2016

1st time PASSLee, July 2016

Melena, May 2016

1st time PASSRob, May 2016

1st time PASSMichael, April 2016

Melena: "Eddie is friendly, patient and always made me feel comfortable and positive behind the wheel."

Rob: "I found learning to drive with Eddie was well structured and ensured I was able to focus on areas I was less confident with."

1st time PASSLuke, April 2016

1st time PASSMatthew, Mar. 2016

Alice, Feb. 2016
Joe, Jan. 2016
Robyn, Jan. 2016

Luke: "Thank you so much for all the guidance and support whilst I've been learning to drive. You've been brilliant." Eddie took time to make sure I was confident in all areas of my driving, meaning I always felt comfortable behind the wheel.

Alice: "Learning to drive with Eddie gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. His patience and perseverance throughout my time learning with him has been life changing. After ten years of learning to drive, and just eight months with Eddie, I've found an instructor that stuck with me through the hard work, and helped me to finally get my licence".

Joe: "I found Eddie's lessons very productive and always a joy to drive with. Whenever I felt I couldn't do it, Eddie would think positively to help keep me feeling positive too. Overall enjoyed every second."

    1st time PassLewis, Dec. 2015

Lucy, Nov. 2015

1st time PASS Francis, Nov. 2015

Rhys, Nov. 2015
Celia, Oct. 2015 

 Francis: "Really enjoyable lessons, and extremely thorough. I felt 100% confident every time I got behind the wheel, from what Eddie had taught me."

Rhys: "Going at a pace that suited me gave me the confidence I needed to pass."

1st time PASSGordon, Oct 2015

Jordan, Sept. 2015

1st time PASSBrad, July 2015

Peter, June 2015

1st time PASSSoraya, May 2015

 Brad: "I found Eddie very helpful when I was taking my lessons. On my lessons, if I was struggling with anything he would put the time and effort into helping me get though the task ahead. He is a great instructor and I would recommend him to any one that is looking to pass their driving test."

Soraya: "Eddie was both friendly and patient. I passed first time thanks to Eddie"