Student testimonials from 2012, 2011 and 2010


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1st time PASSRupert, Dec. 2012

1st time PASSJack, Dec. 2012

1st time PASSRafi, Nov. 2012
1st time PASSSophie, Oct. 2012
Chloe, Oct. 2012

1st time PASS Kate, Oct. 2012

 Rupert: "Eddie is a very professional instructor. He is always calm and composed but never afraid to tell you what needs improving and why. He gets the most out of every lesson and keeps very detailed records of your progress."

Sophie: "learning to drive with Eddie was great. He is so patient, friendly and supportive! Thank you so much Eddie, will definitely be recommending you!"

Chloe: "learning to drive with Eddie was simple and effective. He gave me the encouragement I needed, was always on time and arranged lessons around my work."

Kate: "Thanks so much Eddie. You were so helpful and flexible in working around my schedule and travel from London! I'll be recommending you to my fellow Londoners who want to beat the queue at the local test centre!" 

Lee, Oct. 2012

1st time PASS Matt, Oct. 2012 

Dan, July 2012

1st time PASS Imogen, July 2012

1st time PASS Ryan, June 2012

Mike, June 2012

Lee: "since taking and PASSING both parts of my driving test, I've gained confidence in myself. I enjoyed my lessons and say thank you to Eddie, my instructor, for all he has done for me."

Matt: "I've really enjoyed learning to drive with Eddie. He was always calm and took things at my pace. He was really clear and when I did, he helped me understand why I was going wrong. This helped me improve quickly and gain confidence."

Ryan: "Eddie is a great teacher, he is very fair and you can have a laugh and joke with him. Highly recommended learning with Eddie."

Mike: "Learning to drive with Eddie was great. He is always so supportive and friendly, but will still let you know what needs correcting and how to improve it. I can't recommend him more highly."

1st time PASS

Joel, June 2012

Rama, May 2012

Martin, April 2012

1st time PASS Kelly, April 2012

1st time PASSKarl, Feb. 2012

1st time PASSEmily, Dec 2011

Rama: "Eddie was always kind and patient, his records were excellent so we could focus on strengthening my weaknesses and then go back to them a while later to reinforce them. He would send a text so I didn't forget the lesson and was always early himself. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Eddie, and I'm delighted to have a motorway lesson too soon. I would recommend Eddie to anyone."

Martin: "I've enjoyed my lessons with Eddie. My brother is learning with Eddie too, so I definitely recommend Eddie."

Kelly: "Lessons were fun, relaxed and allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in my own ability."

Karl: "Eddie was always very helpful and explained things thoroughly. He was always on time and I enjoyed the lessons."

Emily: "You were encouraging and friendly. I cannot believe I passed my test first time! I'm sure I wouldn't, without your help. My pass is a demonstration of your great teaching and will recommend you without hesitation to anyone looking for a driving instructor."

1st time PASS Fred, Nov. 2011

 1st time PASSHayden, Nov. 2011

1st time PASSCarmel, Nov. 2011

1st time PASSTristan, Sept. 2011

1st time PASSDan, Sept. 2011

1st time PASSWill, June. 2011

Hayden: "I passed my theory with flying colours, I took my time, thank you. Really appreciate everything you've done to help me pass my test and I've enjoyed the lessons."

Tristan: "Fantastic teacher and very easy to get on with, a very reassuring presence made for a stress free learning process. Would recommend to anyone, and indeed have done. Thanks for everything Eddie and good luck in everything and thank you so much for your help & patience"
Dan: "I just wanted to say that the lessons were very enjoyable, whilst at the same time were challenging and I was happy that everything was explained in great detail which made it easy to understand therefore making it easier to learn."

Will: "You are an excellent teacher, always arrived early, and never rushed me. If something went wrong, we would stop to discuss what happened and why, which helped me. As I got closer to the test, you always gave me as much time as I needed to work on a particular part of my driving until I felt comfortable with it."


Jessy, May 2011

1st time PASSAmina, May 2011

1st time PASS,   ZERO faultsKate, April 2011

 1st time PASS Nick, Feb. 2011

Calum, Jan. 2011

1st time PASS Nathan, Jan. 2011 

Jessy: "you're a great driving instructor, and I've recommended you to friends. Thank you very much."

Kate: "Learning to drive with Eddie was a great experience. He is an extremely thorough instructor, puts you completely at ease giving you confidence in your ability. I would highly recommend learning with Eddie -He even got me through my test First Time!! With NO Minors!!!"

Nick: "Driving with Eddie was an easy going and enjoyable experience. All instructions were clear and simple to follow, as everything was explained in a memorable and straightforward manner. I would greatly recommend Eddie if you are looking to pass efficiently."

Gifty, Jan. 2011

1st time PASSDom, Nov. 2010  

1st time PASSJared, Oct. 2010 

1st time PASSCharlie, Aug. 2010 

1st time PASSBen, May 2010 

1st time PASS Ellie, March 2010

Ben: "Eddie is understanding and patient. I very much enjoyed my lessons as they were always good even when you're having a bad day. Eddie would change the task until I was making good progress. I HAVE and would recommend Eddie to anyone as he is very good and it obviously worked as I passed my test first time."

Ellie: "my whole driving experience with Eddie was enjoyable, he was patient (much needed), encouraging and gave me confidence! I passed my test first time which I believe if I had gone else where I wouldn't have. Thanks Eddie. Very highly recommended."